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  • One Earth.One Id

  • Decentralized Identity Management Platform

  • Self-Sovereign Identity Ensuring User Privacy

  • Borderless Access to Global Services

  • Global Data Regulations Compliant

  • Secure Digital ID Wallet

  • Trust Score - Proprietary ID Scoring

Problems With Existing Solutions

Identity Thefts and Frauds
Costly and Complicated Onboarding Processes
Non Compliance to Regulations
Mishandling of Physical Documents
Lack of Unified Identity
Lack of Reliability Quotient

What is Earth Id?

EarthId is an award winning GDPR compliant, decentralized Identity Management platform, that allows secure and seamless onboarding, verification and authentication of users. EarthId helps businesses avoid identity frauds, reduce onboarding friction and save costs using pre-verified, tamper-proof, unified identity information. EarthId is powered by cutting edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Ledger Technology.

Key Features

Key Offerings


How Does Earth Id Work?

How To Use Earth Id?

How Does Trust Score Work?


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Identity Thefts and Associated Frauds

Complicated and Costly Existing Solutions

Lack of Border-less Identity

Centralised ID storages, prone to Hacking

Centralised ID storages, prone to Hacking