One Earth. One ID.

Earth.ID is a Decentralized Identity Management Platform, which will provide a Safe and Secure Identity to all Human Beings, through the power of Blockchain and Cryptography.

What is EarthID?

  • Earth ID is a decentralized Identity Management System.
  • User will always be in control of who can access the identity data.
  • Organizations across the world will be able to use Earth ID for verification purposes.
  • Reliability of the user identity will be measured by the Trust Score.

What problem does EarthID solve?

earth id problems if_Hacker-RAD_2834769 copyIdentity Thefts and Associated Frauds

earthid problems if_Science__Technology_22_2633195 copy

Complicated and Costly Existing Solutions


earthid problems if_126-Server_2123985 copy

Centralised ID storages, prone to Hacking

earthid problems if_globe7_216256 copy

Lack of Border-less Identity

earthid problems Users-Group-icon copy

Lack of Graded Identity, to adjust the level Of Service


MyEarth ID is a Hashgraph based Universal ID providing a global identity solution. The user has controlled access to Identity documents which reduces unauthorised access.

MyEarth IDs decentralised storage of data on personal mobile devices minimises impact of hacking. The validation of identities for both online and offline services are cost effective and hassle-free.

One ID.

Trust Score

The social credit system, Trust Score will represent an individual identity authenticity. Increase in trust score represents a validated identity. However, low trust score could represent discrepancy.


Built on Hedera Hashgraph technology, EarthID makes us rethink the way identification and authentication process should be organized. Smart contracts support full automation of bureaucratic procedures, while decentralization makes it possible to change the logic behind identification and authentication security deposits and establish the new standards to benefit all.

Use Cases




Jillian Godsil

Vice President of Marketing


One Earth. One ID.