About Us

MyEarth.Id team is working towards a vision of providing Universal Identity to all Human Beings on Earth; providing seamless access to Global Services, in a secure and borderless way.

MyEarth.Id has undertaken the mission to simplify the process of validating Human Identity, providing seamless access to online and offline services, like banking, ecommerce, immigration, travel et al., to all human beings on Earth. To achieve this, MyEarth.Id team is developing an innovative Universal ID solution, which counters the key problems with existing centralised and monolithic Identity Management Solutions, in a cost effective and secured manner. This new solution will alleviate the paramount problem of Identity Thefts and associated frauds, for both – Individuals and Institutions.

In addition to this, Earth ID is also introducing a proprietary concept of identity scoring, Trust Score. Trust Score will empower institutions to take their regulatory and financial decisions in a more measured and information-driven way, instead of a simple “Yes” and “No”.

MyEarth.Id is registered in Estonia (June 2018) and has a team of industry leaders spread across the US, Europe, India and expanding. Our team consists of experts from different industries, having in-depth knowledge and expertise in areas like Blockchain, Cryptography, Distributed Ledger Technology, Identity Management, Legal, Finance and Software Design & Implementation, which ensures a professional and smooth delivery of the global platform.

One Earth. One ID.